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Stop Talking About it...

Just Do It!!!


Hi, my name is Susan Stephenson also known as “Suzka” in the Czech/Slovak languages! I’m a first generation American of Croatian and Slovakian decent. I took a leap of faith to follow my dreams to start my own bakery business with my husband of 20+ years, Rob.


I have a great passion for cooking, with baking desserts being my specialty! Store bought cakes and pastries have a tenancy to be either too bland, too sweet or too dry. I decided that if I wanted something delicious, I had to bake it myself.


My mother always said, “...if you want your food to taste good, you must cook with love” ...with that being said, all of my desserts are baked with love and positivity! As my children put it, it’s "Christmas in your mouth!"

Thank you for supporting my business!

Established in 2019, Suzka's Cakes & Cookies, LLC is a small-batch artisan bakery, bringing you the best custom baked goods and confections made with only the finest ingredients and of course... baked with LOVE!  We offer custom made confectionary cakes and unique flavored cookies not normally found in most bakeries.


Suzka's Cakes & Cookies, LLC operates from a private residence in Henrico County (greater Richmond), Virginia area in compliance with Virginia's cottage food laws.  Our business license and Federal Tax Id Number are available by request.

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